Glossary of Periclean Terms

Basic Policies: Used together, these words refer to those policies established by Project Pericles that are designated to be essential in characterizing Project Pericles and the nature of institutional identifications with Project Pericles.

Commitment: Spelled with a capital C the pledge by the institution, undertaken by Board Resolution, to develop and administer an ongoing Program for actively pursuing the objectives of Project Pericles.

Committee (for Social Responsibility or equivalent title): Spelled with a capital C, a discrete standing Committee established by the institution's Board of Trustees that is charged to consider and recommend ways and means for implementing the Commitment, and to report to the Board on the progress, problems, and quality of the Program.

Institution: In the context of Project Pericles, the word refers to a college or university, or in the plural, to either or both.

Logo: The proprietary emblem of Project Pericles that represents its objectives and related Policies. Pericleans are authorized by Project Pericles to use the Logo visibly to signify their Commitments and the active implementation thereof.

Periclean: An institution that has by Resolution made the Commitment to the objectives of Project Pericles and is actively developing and carrying out its Program.

Pilot: As an adjective in the context of Project Pericles, it refers to each and all of the earliest Pericleans that have undertaken to provide the experience of Program development and administration that can help motivate and assist other institutions to become Pericleans.

Presidents' Council (Council): An adjunct organization of Project Pericles composed of Periclean presidents and representing the interests, perspectives, and experience of all Periclean institutions in the governance of Project Pericles.

Program: With a capital P, the composite of all actions, activities, projects and initiatives in the classroom, on the campus, and in the community that the institution and its constituencies, within their respective responsibilities, plan and undertake for implementing the Commitment.

Project: Individual Program activities.

Project Pericles objectives: For colleges and universities to provide, as a regular and recognized part of their educational missions, a total learning experience in the classroom, on the campus, and in the community that, among its values, instills in students an abiding and active sense of social responsibility and the conviction that the processes and institutions of our democracy offer each person an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to a better world.

Responsible Citizenship: The overall goal of the Periclean Program is to increase the level of civic engagement among college students through giving students the intellectual and experiential foundations for Responsible Citizenship. Responsible Citizenship includes, but is not limited to: voting; taking an interest in public affairs; engaging in civil discourse; understanding and actively participating in democratic political processes; being able to analyze news and information; cultivating and effectively advocating an opinion on matters of public policy; tolerating diverse opinions; supporting free speech; being involved in community service that addresses public problems; and having the confidence that through democratic processes, individuals can "make a difference."

Resolution: Spelled with a capital R, the formal resolution of the Board of Trustees committing its institution to the objectives of Project Pericles as part of its responsibility and educational mission and in accordance with basic Policies.