Our Mission

To discover, encourage and support outstanding, low-income New York City high school graduates, entering their lives before they begin college and staying with them until they graduate and beyond.

"The Plus in Scholarship Plus is about mentorship, learning, and building a family, and it's what makes this scholarship so special."   Zeshan, Yale University

Financial Aid PLUS

Since 2010, Scholarship Plus has provided financial assistance and support to 64 students. 100% of our students have graduated college within four years.

These students confront daunting hurdles: paying for the tremendous cost of college without taking on substantial loans, and navigating life on campuses that lack diversity both racially and socioeconomically.

Scholarship Plus provides a substantial four-year scholarship for each student PLUS a number of ongoing support strategies, including carefully matched mentorships, paid summer internships, advising, and more. 

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