You can help more scholars graduate college debt-free and empowered.

Here are ways to support Scholarship Plus' 100% college graduation rate.

Sponsor a Scholar

Support a scholar to the finish line. Individuals and giving circles (pods) can sponsor the scholarship PLUS support for a student's full college experience.

Corporate Engagement

Your company can support NYC low-income scholars in many ways: sponsor a student or program, host an intern, invest in our capacity-building.

Mentor a Scholar

Apply to be matched with a scholar who can learn from your academic or professional experiences. This is also an opportunity to have an impact on the personal growth of a young


Coach a Scholar

Become an Industry Advisor (informational interview), Mock Interview Coach or Resume Reviewer for key work experience and support.

Pledge Your Birthday

In lieu of gifts for your birthday, consider requests for donations to a personalized online  fundraiser for Scholarship Plus.


No non-profit can succeed without an operating budget. Unrestricted gifts are the unsung heroes of financial contribution, and they are critical — in any amount.