The basic policies of Project Pericles are the framework within which each institution fulfills its Commitment to Periclean objectives.

These policies are designed to cultivate a learning environment that integrates issues of civic and social responsibility into the academic and co-curricular experiences of students, while respecting the character, resources, and traditions of each institution.

The policies address five areas:

  • Institutional Commitment
  • Program
  • Constituency Involvement
  • Central Administration
  • Cooperation and Collaboration

Institutional Commitment

By Board Resolution, each institution commits to supporting educational programs that encourage responsible and participatory citizenship. Many of our colleges have made such education a fundamental part of their educational missions. Each board must also establish a standing Committee (or Subcommittee of equivalent responsibility) to oversee the implementation of this Commitment. Committee membership preferably includes multi-constituency representation.


To implement its Commitment, each Periclean develops and carries out a comprehensive, ongoing Program that encompasses the classroom, campus, and community. The focus and content of the Program is evergreen, determined by each institution and influenced by its individual character, resources, and traditions. Programs and their component projects and activities must have defined objectives, with criteria for accountability and procedures for regular evaluation.

Constituency Involvement

Programs provide opportunities for the involvement of all constituencies, recognizing that each constituency - trustees, administrators, staff, alumni, faculty, and students - has a stake in fulfilling the institution's Commitment.

Central Administration

Each Program must be coordinated and administered under a Program Director who reports directly to the President or the Provost. The Program office maintains a relationship with all institutional constituencies, respecting their educational responsibilities and prerogatives. Records of Program activities and outcomes are maintained centrally.

Cooperation and Collaboration

Project Pericles is characterized by cooperation and collaboration among Pericleans and other educational, social, and civic organizations. Project Pericles invites and seeks to facilitate the exchange of information and experience from all sources. Membership in Project Pericles is intended to encourage and complement, rather than preclude, membership in other organizations.