Periclean Programs

Pericleans and Their Programs

Each Periclean college and university develops a comprehensive civic engagement program. Building on existing activities, the program reflects its institution's characteristics and tradition, curricula, resources, student body, faculty interests, location, social concerns, and alumni and community relationships. A campus-appointed Program Director, who reports to the President, oversees each program, which may include curricular and co-curricular activities in the classroom, on the campus and in the community. Altogether, these programs provide students with a foundation for civic and social involvement.

Signature Programs of Project Pericles

The national office of Project Pericles works with Periclean colleges and universities to develop civic engagement programs that support, enhance, and extend their existing activities. These programs are designed to deepen the Periclean mission on campus by enabling faculty to incorporate civic engagement into the curriculum and by empowering students to become more thoughtful and effective advocates. Signature Periclean programs include the Creating Cohesive Pathways to Civic EngagementCivic Engagement Course (CEC)™ Program, Debating for Democracy (D4D)™, the Periclean Faculty Leadership (PFL) Program™, and Student Choices - Student Voices (SCSV).