"Creating Cohesive Paths to Civic Engagement: Five Approaches to Institutionalizing Civic Engagement" by Garret Batten, Assistant Director of Project Pericles, Adrienne Falcón, Director of Academic Civic Engagement and Lecturer in Civic Engagement, Carleton College, and Jan R. Liss, Executive Director of Project Pericles, January 2017

The white paper documents a mapping/survey of civic engagement curriculum and how it can serve as a powerful catalyst for change on campuses. The initiative undertaken by 26 Periclean colleges and universities promotes a more intentional approach to civic engagement prioritizing coherent program design and the diffusion of civic engagement throughout the undergraduate experience. Research reveals five approaches to organizing civic engagement curricular and co-curricular programming: Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility Requirements, Civic Scholars Programs, Pathway Approaches, Certificates, and Entrepreneurial/Open Choice Models.

"The Periclean Diamond: Linking College, Campuses, Communities, and Colleagues via Social and Civic High Engagement Learning" by Ben Berger, Associate Professor of Political Science and Periclean Faculty Leader at Swarthmore College, and Jan R. Liss, Executive Director of Project Pericles, September 2012

This White Paper presents findings from our multi-year Periclean Faculty Leadership (PFL) Program™ that included 26 participating colleges and universities. In 2010, with generous support from the Eugene M. Lang Foundation and The Teagle Foundation, we launched the PFL Program in which faculty leaders received matching grants to create new Civic Engagement Courses (CECs), organize campus-wide civic engagement activities, develop community partnerships, engage in public scholarship, and serve as civic education advocates and leaders both locally and nationally.

"Civic Engagement in the Classroom: Strategies for Incorporating Education for Civic and Social Responsibility in the Undergraduate Classroom" by Ariane Liazos and Jan R. Liss, August 2009

The CEC White Paper shares the learnings from the Civic Engagement Course (CEC) program and serves as a guide for incorporating civic engagement into higher education curricula. It focuses on specific pedagogical strategies employed by the faculty to integrate education for civic and social responsibility into their courses, as well as the unique challenges of civic education. The White Paper includes a description of the methodology used; knowledge gained from the CEC program and guidance on transferability to other institutions and disciplines; Best Practices that can be applied on a wide range of campuses; and an extensive bibliography.  


"Incorporating Education for Civic and Social Responsibility into the Undergraduate Curriculum," by Jan R. Liss and Ariane Liazos, Change, The Magazine of Higher Learning, Volume 42, Issue 1, January/February 2010

"Distinctly American: The Residential Liberal Arts College," by Eugene M. Lang, Daedalus, Winter 1999