Pericleans Attending AAC&U

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) will hold its annual meeting in New Orleans January 17-20, 2007. The meeting, THE REAL TEST: Liberal Education and Democracy's Big Questions is being held in New Orleans because "the society we are creating represents the real test—of our democratic aspirations, our educational effectiveness, and our core commitments." David Brooks noted, "Floods wash away the surface of society. . . . They expose the underlying power structures . . . and the unacknowledged inequalities." The AAC&U Board of Directors issued a statement last fall saying "New Orleans represents a valuable opportunity for the nation—and its colleges and universities—to reflect on the root issues that make many Americans especially vulnerable in times of catastrophe."

Project Pericles' Debating for Democracy initiative will be leading one workshop, titled: Mobilizing Students as Policy Advocates. The workshop will address questions such as, "How can college students contribute to the informed development of policy on local and national levels and reinvigorate participatory democracy?"

As of December 15, 2006 the following people at Periclean institutions will be attending:

Allegheny College

  • Linda DeMeritt

Bates College

  • Elaine Hansen
  • Jake Nudel
  • David Scobey

Berea College

  • Stephanie Browner
  • Steve Gowler
  • Steve Pulsford
  • Scott Steele

Elon Unversity

  • Tom Arcaro

Hampshire College

  • Ralph Hexter
  • Karen Spear
  • Steven Weisler

Hendrix College

  • Robert Entzminger
  • David Sutherland

Macalester College

  • Cheryl Contant

New England College

  • John Stevens

Occidental College

  • Diana Akiyama
  • Kenyon Chan
  • Eric M. Frank
  • Irene Girton
  • Mickey McDonald

Project Pericles

  • Jan Liss

Rhodes College

  • Robert Strandburg

Spelman College

  • Myra Burnett
  • Johnnella Butler

Wagner College

  • Julia Barchitta
  • John Esser
  • Richard Guarasci
  • Walter Kaelber
  • Jeffrey Kraus
  • Devorah Lieberman
  • Roy Mosher
  • Alison Smith
  • Jennifer Toth
  • Lori Weintrob

Widener University

  • Marcine Pickron-Davis

More about the conference is available on AAC&U's website.